Office hours are between 8:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. M-F except for limited appointment times on Wednesday. We are closed between 12:00 P.M. and 1:30 p.m. for lunch. Appointment times are taken very seriously so our patients can be seen on time as scheduled. For patients with non-scheduled urgent needs we request that you call the office so we may triage and schedule accordingly. The office retrieves messages continuously throughout the day. Feel free to contact us through your patient portal account.

Lab blood draws are done in the office and Dr. Friedman enjoys a great relationship with an excellent clinical laboratory. Simple X-rays are provided by Scottsdale Medical Imaging (the state's premier radiology group) without appointment (located in the office medical building), or more complex radiology studies can be scheduled at one of their specialty radiology centers throughout Scottsdale. Patients can request other radiology centers of their choice.

Some of the procedures provided in the office include phlebotomy lab draws, urine evaluation, EKG, ambulatory blood pressure and cardiac monitoring, pulmonary function testing and oximetry evaluation. For patients who travel internationally, we have always provided travel vaccines except for Japanese Encephalitis. Dr. Friedman's office is also a certified CDC yellow fever vaccination site. We encourage our patients to become familiar with the Centers For Disease Control information web site before scheduling a vaccination visit.

On a typical comprehensive exam, Dr. Friedman will take a medical history exploring symptoms and review medical information before performing a physical exam. Blood (wellness screening and diagnostic labs), urine tests, EKG and other diagnostic studies will be ordered as indicated. Dr. Friedman is very "hands on". Dr. Friedman escorts all his patients to the exam room and personally obtains their weight and blood pressure (a habit that was ingrained in him from medical school).

Dr. Friedman does not require an office visit to discuss and review test results. As his patients will attest, since he opened his practice in 1986, Dr. Friedman has called every patient on every test result on the day the result is received! If a test result callback is not received, patients are instructed to call the office to complete the very important feedback loop!

Dr. Friedman makes his callbacks throughout the day between patient visits and on occasion can be interrupted during patient visits for urgent patient needs, phone calls from hospital nurses or from physician colleagues. If you perceive a true emergency on your behalf, please do not wait for a callback! Proceed directly, via paramedics if necessary, to the Emergency Room.

Although Dr. Friedman is generally available to his patients 24/7 via the office phone number he shares after-hours coverage with like-minded internists who are American trained and board certified. When Dr. Friedman is not available to admit patients to Scottsdale Healthcare Medical Center-Shea, his patients will be visited and cared for by the Hospitalist team for which he has a strong relationship. They will keep him notified of his patient's progress until he can assume care. At the Osborn Campus and the Thompson Peak Campus Dr. Friedman will be unable to provide bedside care due to the time and distance factors. Dr. Friedman will be using the Scottsdale Hospitalist Group.

To quote Dr. Friedman "I have a good sense of humor and I am easily approachable so don't be too shy!" Dr. Friedman has a wonderful and dedicated staff who are happy to help you.